Ornish Diet

The Life Choice DietThe Life Choice Diet is a low-fat vegetarian way of eating with less than 10% calories from fat (for most people, this would be a diet with 15 to 25 grams of fat per day). The focus is on beans, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, with processed foods and nonfat dairy products

Muslim Diet

Islamic try and find altruistic benefits in living a life in adherence to Islamic dietary laws. One example of this is studies that were done on trichinosis, which can be caught from consuming undercooked pork.Food CertificationDue to the recent rise in Muslim populations in the United States and Europe, certain organizations have emerged that can

Medifast Diet

How it Works goHealth supports the Medifast diet plan by Take Shape For Life. The Medifast weight-loss program is based on the principles of a low-calorie meal replacement plan. Implementing this plan creates a “caloric deficit” between the calories you take in and what your body normally burns. Medifast weight-loss products are carefully designed to