Abs Diet

The Abs Diet is a book written by David Zinczenko – the editor for fitness magazine “Men’s Health”. The book is written in a style aimed at men, but the principles can be applied to anyone. For many years most athletes, fitness models, and bodybuilders have applied the same basic fundamentals to their diet. Principles

3 Hour Diet

Called “fatso” by his childhood classmates, weight-loss guru Jorge Cruise knows firsthand the pain involved in being overweight. A frequent talk show guest, the now-slim Cruise is known for preaching the importance of small amounts of resistance training for weight loss. In ‘The 3-Hour Diet’ (HarperResource), he offers a “diet only” approach to shedding pounds.

3 Day Diet

The 3 Day Diet is essentially a meal plan for 3 days. The claim that you can lose 10 pounds in 3 days, is inaccurate because we are all different, and have different caloric requirements!Simply put – if you can’t imagine yourself still eating like this in say, a years time, then it’s not a