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“I am the thinnest I’ve ever been!” I have lost 16 pounds and am the thinnest I have ever been. My daughter and I drink SlimTea and cannot keep enough of it in our homes. In fact, I recently put on my size 6 jeans after more than 10 years. Thank you! Shirley


“I have lost 6 lbs. in 2 weeks!” Hi, I wanted to let you know I have lost 6 lbs. by drinking the Oolong tea since a couple of weeks ago. I love the taste of it with some honey in it. Thank you. Janet


“My skin has become soft and clear!” I am moving towards my third month of Wu Long Tea and am really enjoying it. I have a lot of skin issues, and my skin has become soft and clear. S. B.


“I feel satisfied without the cravings” I enjoy the tea hot and cold and even have prepared it a few ways as described in recipes occasionally sent out. The 3 boxes disappeared quickly and I had to order another 5-month supply. I have been drinking the tea in the morning and before lunch, as recommended, and really feel satisfied. It does help with some of the cravings I encounter at certain times of the day. In addition, I have also recognized I sweat more during my walks on the treadmill. Even though other members of my household won’t admit it, I believe they are sneaking a few sips here and there from the pitcher I keep brewed in the fridge. I just placed another order for a 6-month supply of tea as I do not want to run out. Laura


“SlimTea is the BOMB!” LOVE your products! You have no idea, how this tea has helped me with my weight goal. I stumbled upon SlimTea by accident. You see, I was diagnosed with retinitis pignatosa, a debilitating eye disease leading to total vision loss. I struggled with anger, bitterness and depression, isolating myself from others. For two years, eating and sleeping was the name of the game and eventually, I gained 100 pounds. Feeling like I was drowning in quicksand, I knew I couldn’t go on with this destructive behavior. Looking back 21 years ago, I have lost most of the weight but, it’s still a struggle, trying to keep it off. That last 25 pounds is a pistol, but, since, I have tried SlimTea and the capsules, I have lost 7 pounds and 2 pounds of body fat. Guess what, I traveled to Chicago, by myself for a 50th anniversary. I was told, I looked better than I did, ten years ago. I share with anyone who asks what is my secret. Okuma Nutritionals SlimTea is the BOMB! Donna


“It could be sold at a Premium for the taste alone…” I already have purchased the year’s supply, but I wanted to share my satisfaction with the tea. First of all – I am and have always been a tea snob – if it’s not good tea, properly brewed, don’t even waste time with me. This is first of all the best tasting Formosa oolong I have ever tasted, and could be sold at a premium for that reason alone. Susan



“I have lost an additional 10.5 pounds without extra effort…” I was already 65 pounds down on my weight loss journey, and have lost an additional 10.5 pounds without extra effort just by adding the tea to my regimen – in just three weeks. Previously, I was losing about 5-7 pounds over 3 weeks. It also is helping me slow down and mellow out during the day – for a usually hyper personality that is also a good thing. S


“Highest Level of Quality Presently Possible” First of all, to each of your staff members; thank you all for a job well done, beyond incredible. Knowing that all your efforts deployed in order to deliver the highest quality of excellence to meet customer demands… I certainly give you a “Five Star Rating” and full permission to utilize my comments/testimonial as your executive teams feels necessary. I must say, it is very obvious that your staff has taken all the appropriate measures in training the staff to assure a bullet proof delivery in your message utilizing every facet within the operations; website, internet, chat support, purchase guarantee… and most all, the buySafe Certificate of Guarantee!!! We cannot wait to take delivery of the product due in the mail. I will assure each of you at Okuma Nutritionals / Wulong For Life; we will follow up with the great news regarding the results of your products. Keep of the hard work… blessing to each of you. ‘Excellence’ Is the Highest Level of Quality Presently Possible. Paul


“It goes down easy, and really seems to have a relaxing effect” I received my order of tea two days ago and have brewed 4 cups so far. I really like it. I don’t use sweeteners or cream, just plain tea. It goes down easy, and really seems to have a relaxing effect. I used to be a big coffee drinker, but can’t take coffee without sugar or cream. This tea I can. I really think I’m going to enjoy drinking this stuff, and will probably be ordering more. A friend who lost over 30 lbs drinking SlimTea convinced me to try it. I don’t need to lose 30 lbs, but 8 to 10 would be nice. I’ll keep you posted on how it works for me. Ed


…you’d lose up to 10 pounds in 4-6 weeks doing nothing but taking green tea. Green tea increases your daily fat burning rate by 4343% Dr. Nicholas Perricone, MD, FACN