Ira and Esme Isak reveal how they competed to lose weight


So when Ira, who tipped the scales at 22st 7lb , decided she wanted to shape up, Esme, who then weighed 25st, signed up for the gym too – and the race was on.

Sisters Ira Isak (left in left picture) and Esme Isak (right in left picture) ballooned to a combined weight of 48st following the death of their grandfather in 2006.  Since joining a gym, the pair lost 28st between them, spurred on by sibling rivalry. Pictured right: Esme (left) and Ira (right) since their weight loss

Their sibling rivalry meant they to fight the flab, spurring each other on to a combined weight loss of 28st with both slimming down to a 10.

Ira said: ‘We were always competing against each other while we were in education. We would always egg each other on and try to encourage each other. But we also each wanted to keep trying to be better than the other.’

One night Esme, left, and Ira, right, shared an identical dream where their grandfather revealed how disappointed he was in them for letting themselves go


Ira said: ‘The first couple of years were hard – I kept treating myself to fatty foods. But once we had the nutrition sorted then the weight started to drop off.

‘We both helped each other through it. We put a little bell on the fridge and every time one of us went to get something the other would run into the kitchen to check we were sticking to the diet.

Ira said: ‘It felt great when we started to see progress. I remember the first time I put on a bikini I felt amazing – I never thought I would look this way.

‘The rivalry makes it more fun and it lets us actually enjoy what we’re doing. It’s a friendly rivalry, we don’t put each other down. If Ira is working hard then I want to work hard too, and if anything, this journey has brought us even closer together.

Sisters Ira Isak, 30, and Esme Isak, 29, both of Bromley, London live together, do everything together and, being just a year apart in age, have always enjoyed a healthy level of competition.