Fruit Diet


Fruit Diets are an easy and simple way to give the body a rest from the harsh richness of modern twenty-first century eating habits. Fruits are high in content in a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and natural alkaline acids, all of which help boost the bodys many complex systems.
Most fruits are helpful in aiding the body to eliminate toxins and help to clean out excess mucous, relieving many cold and catarrhal symptoms and definitely help to alleviate many more serious lung and respiratory problems. Fruits allow the digestive system to relax from their normal work overload and are generally mildly laxative in effect, thus enabling the bowels to eliminate better. So, from helping to relieve mild symptoms, Fruit Diets can often reduce symptoms in some more serious conditions, and are well worth trying.
Having experimented myself many times with fruit diets, and achieving excellent results, the first person to whom I suggested trying a fruit diet was Dermott, who, at twenty-three years of age, suffered continuously from a chronic catarrhal problem. Dermott told me that since being a child, he had had a continuous succession of colds, bronchial and catarrhal problems and could not ever remember being able to breathe out of his nose. He was so congested that he was constantly blowing his nose. Dermott went onto a fruit diet of apples, bananas and pears for three days and told me that all his symptoms had cleared up, and for the first time ever he could breathe through his nose.
One-Day Fruit Diets
A one-day fruit diet gives the bodys system a chance to rest. It is an easy way to give the body a chance to start eliminating.
Three Day Fruit Diets
Three-day fruit diets often bring in results, particularly with catarrhal symptoms. Often people with various types of common infections, e.g. tonsillitis, find the symptoms reduce significantly by the third day of this type of diet. People who having been having digestive problems find that the digestive symptoms lessen, years, or are a frequent drinker of alcohol, it is possible that your liver is storing a great deal of toxins. What we recommend is overhauling the quality of your diet completely and introducing fruit meals as part of your regime, such as a fruit breakfast or fruit lunch. After a few weeks of this dietary improvement, you should see some overall improvement in your health, and then you can try a one day Fruit and Raw Vegetable Diet. If you feel good after this, then keep on with your new normal dietary regime and do a Fruit and Raw Vegetable Diet once a week to help boost your system.