Acne Diet


Acne Keep your diet low in fat and sugar. Eating healthier foods insures that your skin gets the nutrients it needs. Food allergies may also contribute to acne. You might try eliminating dairy products, wheat, and/or food preservatives.
For severe nodulocystic acne that does not respond to the above therapies, a doctor may prescribe a vitamin-A derivative taken orally, such as isotretinoin which is known by the brand name Accutane. Isotretinoin has a very high success rate in improving severe acne. Such medication must be monitored very closely by a doctor because of its potentially severe side effects, the biggest of which is a likelihood for severe birth defects in an unborn child.
Vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin E and zinc work together in helping overcome most skin disorders. Puberty increases the body’s need for zinc thus a deficiency among adolescents is often the cause of acne. Iodine worsens acne, so eliminate all processed foods high in iodized salt from your diet.
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