Lee Suckling: The most controversial diets this year


Lee : The
This diet was developed by scientists at the University of Southern California, and it is proven to aid in weight loss (but in a healthier way than other fasting diets). This is because the five-day stretch of calorie restriction has a specific …
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Could a 5-Day Fasting Diet Prolong Your Life?
A new study tested out a modified version of the concept on humans. Researchers at the University of Southern California have designed what they call a “fasting mimicking diet” that provides all the benefits of starving yourself…with a little less …
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Fasting Diets&; Long-Term Benefits May Offset Drawbacks
On the other hand, traditional health advises that skipping meals may lead to a cohort of health problems including dizziness, sleep disorders, headaches and dehydration. Some nutritionists believe that fasting could encourage poor eating habits like …
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Fasting-Mimicking Diet – A Disclaimer
Last week, I suggested a do-it-yourself version of Dr Longo&39;s FMD diet, and offered sample recipes. I want to clarify that this version was not authorized by Dr Longo or his associates at USC. In fact, they have a large team with expertise in different …
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