How Crash Diets Affect Your Skin


How Your
You may love dieting because it may makes you slimmer. But what about the quality of your skin? Does diet affect skin? Yes, some foods are good for your skin and some may not be so good but lack of enough food can drastically affect the quality of your …
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Why losing weight by going on a &;juice diet&39; is not a good idea
Like any crash diet that involves semi-starvation, the body goes into shock mode without solids. The light-headedness you experience can feel momentarily glorious since almost magically, you&39;re instantly lighter. But unless you plan to consume only …
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Does Osborne have the stomach to put Whitehall on a diet?
There isn&39;t much fat left to be trimmed. But there is one way the Chancellor could save a great deal of money. It would be to put Whitehall itself on a crash diet. Advocates of this diet, considerably more controversial than the 5:2 fasting regime that …
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