The Bat Doctor is In: Seriously Illegal Softball Bats and The Men Who Make Them


The Bat is In: and The Men Who Make
When Buggs took the bat out for a few swings, he noticed that the ball went further; the loss of weight and even thinner wall provided both quicker bat speed and more powerful trampolining effect. … Not in the mood to bid? No problem, there are any …
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8 kitchen ingredients for weight loss
If you have tried all the fad diets, clean eating techniques, detox diets to lose weight and failed, stop now and listen to what Dhvani Shah, nutritionist and author of &;Don&39;t just feed…nourish your child,&39; has to say. She lists out nine kitchen …
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Fighting back against Parkinson&39;s disease — with boxing gloves
"I&39;ve been doing this for 15 months, and three months into it I felt the changes, not only with Parkinson&39;s but with my weight and blood pressure." While they don&39;t hit each other, Peto and his fellow classmates do punch heavy bags or mitts on the …
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